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heterophobia, at its core, is a play about relationships.

The mission and hope of heterophobia is to: explore social norms, challenge prejudice, make people laugh, and stimulate dialogue in non-prescript ways.


a brief history

by Playwright, Pam Rocker

The word ‘heterophobia’ caught me by surprise. I was thinking about what I truly wanted to write about, and amidst all of the love, turmoil, hope, and confusion flowing through my veins, this word appeared.

It struck me hard, and I wondered what would happen if roles were reversed; if being gay was the accepted norm and being straight was the ‘perversion’. This question led me into a whole new world, where ironies abounded.

heterophobia was first produced in Calgary at the 2009 IGNITE! Festival with Sage Theatre, setting records for the biggest audiences in the festivals’ five-year history. Since, it has been booked for various staged readings in Calgary and Edmonton, winning over crowds of various values and backgrounds. Each performance was met with hundreds of tears, bright sparks of laughter and joy, and dozens of thought-provoking comments and questions.

The audience has greatly helped to shape the continued story of heterophobia. People shared what they loved, what they wanted to see more of, and I listened. I began working on an extended version of the play that was able to encompass some of the deeper realities and complexities of the world it lives in.  

In September 2010, we brought the brand new show to life for the very first time. I was so grateful to be able to share this story, both with those who have been supporters since the beginning, and those seeing it for the first time. The show had 13 performances and was packed to capacity (and beyond!) at almost every show. The audience response was overwhelming, and the media was incredible. 

I passionately believe in the importance of telling this story and its relevance to every person, no matter what their beliefs or background may be. The greatest fulfillment has been and will be, that someone will walk away from this show feeling less alone, or with a little bit more understanding and compassion for the people around them.


pam's bio

Pam is an artist, activist, and advocate. Beginning with her first plays Searching, and Fork Stuck In The Road, over a decade ago, she has always sought to entertain with a purpose. Her plays include Caffeine & Sex, an award winner at the Alberta 24 Hour Playwrighting Contest, and Flesh and Bones, which has enjoyed numerous productions in Alberta.

LGBTQ+ equality, faith, love, and hard laughter are my passions. I've had training in playwrighting, screenwriting, and theology in the US and Canada, but life and experience have been my best teachers.

In everything I do, I seek to communicate with humanity and humour, and to challenge prejudice in non-prescript ways.

For many years I've worked for the full inclusion of LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) people in faith communities and beyond. That sounds serious, and it is. But laughter and story are the most powerful tools we have, and are integrated into everything I do.

The process of taking serious and sometimes controversial topics, and drawing out their essence into something we can all connect to, learn from, and find joy within, is my greatest goal.

Through speaking, writing, performing poetry, teaching workshops, play readings, and more, I create experiences that truly engage and connect people of all kinds.

I am currently working on a book about faith, sexuality, and my journey around reconciling both of those parts of my identity. 

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