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heterophobia is a play written by Pam Rocker.

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"heterophobia is strikingly intelligent.
It avoids all the clichés of ‘issue’ theatre by
telling an honest story about real people.
Mothers, daughters, lovers and friends all
just struggling to love each other and be
true to themselves - the ultimate human quest."

-Jacqueline Russell, Actress and Playwright

heterophobia, a dark comedy, is a tall glass of gay with a twist of straight. In the world of heterophobia, social norms are flipped on their ears, and extreme role reversal ensues. Being gay is the norm, and being straight is the ‘deviance’.

Our leading lady, Grant, comes home for a visit after a tough break-up, with a secret that gets heavier by the second. As she struggles to hold on to her hidden cravings, her Moms try to woo her with waffles, clean underwear, and the prospect of settling down and being artificially inseminated.

Meanwhile, her best friend Peter bursts onto the scene with erotic thoughts about Nathan Lane and a determination to cheer Grant up. But as Grant’s secret becomes too big to hold onto, she is forced to make a choice about revealing who she really is.”

"The word ‘heterophobia’ caught me by surprise," says Pam. "It struck me hard, and I wondered what would happen if roles were reversed; if being gay was the accepted norm and being straight was the ‘perversion’. This question led me into a whole new world, where ironies abounded..."

The play first premiered at the IGNITE! Festival with Sage Theatre in June of 2009 to sold out audiences and rave reviews, making it the most successful show to ever hit the IGNITE! stage.

After subsequent staged readings for diverse audiences, heterophobia was been expanded into a full-length show and the new version was produced in Calgary with Beyond Closed Doors Productions in September, 2010. The show received overwhelming responses from the audiences and was packed to capacity (and beyond) almost every night.